E.J. Cattani & Son  has a wide range of rough terrain cranes, carry decks, boom lifts, scissor lifts, skid steer loaders, and backhoes available to rent. Please contact us today to request information about our equipment availability and pricing.

Our Fleet

 • 18-Ton Cranes—70" Boom, 20" Jib
 • 25-Ton Cranes—80" Boom, 30" to 50" Jib
 • 40-Ton Cranes—104" Boom, 32" Jib
 • 50-Ton Cranes—110" Boom, 32" Jib
 • 60-Ton Cranes—125" Boom, 35" to 61" Jib
 • 65-Ton Cranes—87" Boom, 32" to 60" Jib

• 70-Ton Cranes—138" Boom, 31" to 56" Jib
• 80-Ton Cranes—114" Boom, 32" to 88" Jib
• 110-Ton Cranes—140" Boom, 32" to 88" Jib
• 200-Ton Cranes—197" Boom, 40" to 118" Jib
• 300-Ton Crane—236" Boom, 40" to 118" Jib
• 500-Ton Crane—190" Boom, 354" Max w/Jib
• 550-Ton Crane—197" Boom, 430" Max w/Jib
• 600-Ton Crane—184" Boom, 478" Max w/Jib


Rental Equipment

  • Boom Lifts to 125'
  • Electric Scissor Lifts to 32'
  • Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts to 50'
  • Telescopic Forklifts to 10,000 pound capacity
  • Backhoes
  • Skid Steers
  • Hydraulic Excavators

Bare Rentals
In addition to our large fleet of cranes, we also have cherry pickers available for rent for either short or long periods of time. A certified operator can also be available to you if needed.

Crane and Wall, Cherry Pickers in Ladd, IL

Crane, Cherry Pickers in Ladd, IL

Contact us today to request a quote for any of our cherry pickers or other crane rentals.